Make a Difference in the World
Give the Gift of Sight

Vision Restoration International is a Non-Profit Organization that is Incorporated in the State of Colorado. We are a Global Medical Outreach organization that focuses on the specialty of Ophthalmology. With the help of our generous donors and team of volunteer physicians and support staff, we travel to areas of the world that do not have access to healthcare and provide free Ophthalmology services to the individuals in these areas.

We have partnered with domestic clinics to provide the best care possible at no charge to individuals in the United States who are homeless, living in poverty, or have no access to healthcare. Our global partners are instrumental in giving us the capability to provide care to impoverished individuals in developing nations.

With 36 million blind people in the world there is a shortage of help and support to treat these individuals. Our main goal is to have as big of an impact on this number as we possibly can. Learn more and join us today!